Using SignatureSense: Tips for Users

We've recently added this section to our site to help our users explore all corners of the SignatureSense web app. If you've not yet signed up you can get a sneak preview here ;-)

Tip #1: Creating additional users for your organisation

Every SignatureSense account comes with at least 5 user accounts. Accounts can be created for 'internal' members of your organisation so that you can share access to the documents you have sent for signing. You can also view documents currently in progress and access your organisation's list of contacts and signatories.

When you create an account for a new user, any documents that they've already signed will automatically appear within their new account.

Only users with 'Administration' permissions are able to add and remove other users within your organisation.

How to Add a User
Creating a new user is easy - they just need an email address:
  1. Sign in to SignatureSense
  2. Click "Account & Users" (top, right)
  3. Click "Add, Edit & Manage Users"
  4. Click the link "Create a new user within your organisation"
  5. Complete the form
  6. An email with sign-in details will be sent to the new user

Tip #2: Labelling Your Documents

Here's an explanation of a SignatureSense feature that some users love and others are yet to find... "Document Labelling".

In a conventional paper-based world a company may store their signed contracts sorted alphabetically by recipient name. But what if you want to store them in a project folder? Or with other documents of a particular type (e.g. all NDAs together)? Basically, with paper you are limited to one filing system.

In SignatureSense the concept of "Labels" makes organising and retrieving documents a breeze. You can create labels to indicate any aspect of a document and multiple labels can be applied to each one.

Example labels could include:

  1. Project labels (Project 1234; Project 1235)
  2. Document types labels (NDA, LoE, Employment Contract)
  3. Department Labels (Marketing, New Business, Support)
  4. Of course, labels cannot be seen by external signatories. Only your staff users can search for documents using your labels.
Use the "Labels" link near the top right of SignatureSense to view your labels and the related documents. To apply a label to a document - simply find the document and follow the "apply labels" link. Let us know how you get on with our labelling feature!