Online Document Signing with SignatureSense

SignatureSense - An Overview

Get your documents signed in less time for less cost.

With SignatureSense your documents are viewed and signed online. There's no more posting, faxing or chasing for paper signed documents. SignatureSense handles everything from the tracking, updating and issuing of the final signed version.

Any-one with an email account can sign in seconds.

Each signatory receives an email with a secure link to view then sign (or reject) your document online. The signature gathered is electronic - it cannot be copied or faked like a written one can. Signatories do not require a SignatureSense account.

Legally binding electronic signatures.

Electronic Signatures are utilised on websites such as eBay, Amazon,, iTunes and Internet Banking regulalry by millions of people every day. Find out more about electronic signatures from our FAQs.

Live document tracking online. feature preview

You can track your document to see when it has been viewed, signed or rejected. The final signed copy is available for you to see within seconds of signing. SignatureSense even emails a final signed copy to all parties for their records.

Multiple signatories? No problem. feature preview

Using SignatureSense you can invite as many signatories to sign a document as you require. Once all signatories have signed the document it becomes a binding contract and a final signed copy is emailed to all parties and archived online.

Multiple user accounts per organisation. feature preview

With SignatureSense you can create user accounts for members of your organisation who can then share access to documents. It's like an office filing cabinet but more secure, auditable and available online, anytime, anywhere.

Document storage and labelling. feature preview

All documents that you've added to SignatureSense are stored online for future reference by users of your organisation and signatories. You can group documents together using a handy 'Labelling' feature.

Send your first document in minutes.

With no software to install, your organisation can be up and running with SignatureSense in minutes. SignatureSense is a web-based service so it's available anytime, from anywhere with an internet connection.

No compromises on security.

SignatureSense uses SSL encryption to make sure your data is safe whilst using the site and stores your information on UKFast servers - one of the world leaders in solid website hosting.

Minimum cost - Maximum ROI

With simple Pricing Plans to suit your organisation, no capital investment is necessary for you to start saving time and money.


Prepare the document on your PC as usual then upload it to our secure servers.
Provide the name & email address of each signatory or select from your contacts.
A secure link is emailed to each signatory. They can then view & sign, or reject, the document easily online.
A final signed copy is emailed to each signatory for their records. A sealed copy is also stored with us.