SignatureSense - Questions and Answers

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Can I create accounts for other users in my organisation?

Yes - SignatureSense is designed for multi user businesses. We understand that members of your organisation need the ability to collaborate.

Each member of your organisation requiring access to SignatureSense can be issued with their own unique and private sign-in details. This provides an audit trail of activity for your records. Users should not 'share' login details. You can create as many users as required. Each user must have access to their own work email address.

What permissions do the other users in my organisation have?

Generally speaking all users within your organisation will have access to the documents created by the other users in your organisation. Much like a communal 'filing cabinet' in your office. Only your 'Administrators' can create / edit and remove users.

We will soon be releasing features which will allow you to implement further security levels within your organisation.

How many users can I create?

The number of users you can create for your organisation is not limited, provided you have enough licenses. Please see our pricing plans for details. All accounts have a minimum or 5 users included.

Can I remove a user?

Yes - your organisation Admin users can create, edit and remove other users within your organisation - for example when someone leaves your company. The user's documents will not be effected (they will remain available as normal) however the user will no longer be able to sign in to SignatureSense.

Can I temporarily suspend a user?

Yes - You can temporally stop a user within your organisation from using SignatureSense by marking them as 'Suspended'.