SignatureSense - Questions and Answers

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Your Documents

Who is responsible for the contents of my documents / contracts?

SignatureSense provides the mechanism required for electronically signing documents but has no control or responsibility over the contents of a document. It is up to your organisation / users and signatories to make sure the document is suitable for it's intended purpose.

Do I need to prepare my documents in any way before using SignatureSense?

If your document (or contract) already has a space for signing, something like this:

   Signed by ____________ Dated _________

Then you may want to remove this section as it is not needed with SignatureSense. A page detailing the electronic signature is automatically added by SignatureSense.

What type of document (file types) can I upload for signing?

Most common file types can be uploaded to SignatureSense, including MS Word, Open Office and PDF.

All files uploaded will be converted to PDF format. If you can, we recommend that you convert the file into PDF before uploading so that you can be happy that there were no unforeseen formatting issues (sometimes caused by converting to PDF).

How can I convert my documents to PDF?

SignatureSense will convert most file types to PDF for you when it's uploaded but we recommend that, if you can, you convert the documents to PDF first before uploading. This way you can be sure that there are no formatting issues.

There are many free PDF converters around and all are very easy to use. Generally you just 'Print' the document and select a PDF printer. A good example of a free converter is BullZip's here.

Who can view my documents?

No-one has access to your documents stored with SignatureSense other than the signatories that you have specified, plus other users in your organisation with appropriate permission levels. External people and users in other organisations do not have access to your organisation's documents.

Are my documents secure and safe?

Our servers are managed and provided by UKFast. These are backed up on a daily basis by UKFast's managed-backup service.

The web-server itself uses the industry standard SSL encryption when a user is signed in and viewing the document. The firewall and database powering SignatureSense is configured to a 'Payment Card Industry' standard which controls the use of Ports etc.