SignatureSense - Questions and Answers

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Using SignatureSense

How do I view a previously signed document?

You can search for a documents by title, signatory name or using a label. Recent documents will also be on your dashboard.

What are document labels?

Labels can be applied to documents to help you keep them organised. As many labels as you like can be applied to a document. You may for example want to create a project specific label, or job code label, or a label describing the type of document (employment contract / NDA ect). You can then easily view all documents with certain labels applied.

Think of labels like folders but better - you can add the document to than one 'folder'.

Who can see which labels I've applied?

Only users within your organisation can see and use the labels. External signatories will not see your labels.

Other users within your organisation can add and remove your labels (i.e. they are common across your whole organisation).

Do my signatories need a SignatureSense account?

No. A signatory does not need to register for a SignatureSense account in order to view and sign the documents you've sent. However if they do have a SignatureSense account the document will automatically appear in their 'inbox area' as well as being sent the normal email reminders.

What is my SignatureSense 'Inbox'?

When signed in to your SignatureSense account, in addition to viewing the documents that you've sent to other people, you can also view any documents that you have been asked to sign. These appear in your 'Inbox'.

Any documents sent to your email address will automatically appear in your Inbox and can be tracked on your Dashboard.