SignatureSense - Questions and Answers

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The Signing Process

How is a document actually signed with SignatureSense?

Unlike a classic 'paper and pen' signature, SignatureSense utilises Electronic Signature technology. This means that the signatory indicates their agreement to a document electronically - in practice by completing an 'agreement process' online. Signatories start this process by following a secure link in an email which SignatureSense generates and sends. They can view the document online before and after signing.

SignatureSense logs the electronic signature information for future reference and, in addition, a copy of the document with a 'Signing Log' page is emailed to all signatories.

What does a signed document look like?

SignatureSense records an 'electronic audit trail' associated with each document and signatory. In addition to this SignatureSense automatically prefixes a 'Signatory Log Sheet' to the signed document. A copy of the final signed document is emailed to all parties. An example of a signed document can be found here.

Can the document be altered once it has been signed?

No. The final signed 'master copy' of a document is stored, encrypted and backed up on our servers. A copy is emailed in PDF format to all signatories for their own records, and the final 'master copy' is kept safe by SignatureSense, ready for viewing at any time by the signatories.

Can I cancel a document once it has been issued for signing?

You can cancel a document at any time unless it has been fully signed by all signatories. At this point the document forms a binding contract and so cannot simply be cancelled without agreement from all parties.

What happens if a signatory does not agree with the document?

Each signatory has the chance to either sign or reject a document. If a signatory rejects a document then it will not be able to form a binding contract. A 'rejection comment' can be provided by the signatory and viewed by the document owner.

All other signatories will be notified if the document is rejected and at this point it can be cancelled.

How do I re-issue a document that has been rejected?

To re-send a document that has previously been rejected - you simply start the process again with a new document. You can cancel the original version to remove it from your list of documents.