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Signatory FAQs

Are electronically signed documents legally binding?

Yes. If you use the internet regularly you will have probably already signed several online contracts. One of the most common is when you agreed to terms and conditions to gain access to a website or software online. Specific legislation has been passed in the E.U. and U.S. such that business and individuals can benefit from the increased security and efficiency of electronic signatures.

Relevant legislation includes:

What examples of electronic signaures are there already in use?

Most of us apply electronic signatures with ease every day. Some practical examples include:

  • Using a PIN number with your credit card.
  • Clicking 'I Agree' when accepting a website's new Terms and Conditions.
  • Using Internet Banking to make a payment.
  • Taking out a car insurance policy online.
  • Using HMRC's website to file personal or business Tax Returns.
  • Bidding for an item on eBay

How do you know it is me signing not someone else?

The email you received contained a unique and private link that identifies you. Only with this secure link (in combination with your email address) can a signatory sign a document. We also record your IP address to add a further level of identity confirmation.

What will you do with my email address?

We will never sell or pass your details to other parties. From time to time we may contact you with information relating to SignatureSense but you can opt out of this by clicking the link at the bottom of any emails we send you.

Will I get a copy of the signed document?

Yes. When all parties have signed the document a final copy including a 'signature log sheet' will be emailed to you for your records. You can also view this copy online at any time by following the secure link in the orginal email.

I think this email has been sent to the wrong person?

A SignatureSense user has provided your email address. If you do not think the email was intended for you then please accept our apologies and delete the email. You have not been added to any email lists. If the emails continue please contact

What do I do if something needs changing in the contract?

Please follow the secure link in the email. When presented with the signing options select 'No, I want to reject the document'. You will then have the opportunity to provide your reason and feedback to the originator.

The document will then no longer be open for signing and will not form a binding contract. Having acted on your feedback, the originator may then reissue a new document for signing.