Integrate with SignatureSense using our API.

What is an API?

An "Application Programming Interface" allows your own programs, systems and websites to communicate with and utilise your SignatureSense account.

For example, your internal CRM system could list all documents that have been sent to an individual and show their current signing status.

How are API calls made?

API calls are formatted as XML and sent via a HTTP POST to our API's URL. Now that's a lot of acronyms but chances are if you are reading about an API you understand. If not - we are here to help.

What does the response look like?

All responses given are formatted as XML. Depending on the type of call made the XML structure will vary but can easily be read by your system.

How are XML calls validated?

Each organisation using our API is given 2 unique API Keys. One is private (secret) and is never included in the XML request and the other is a public key which is included in your request so that we can identify your account.

Each request made must also include a 'request reference' which must be unique within your organisation (for each request) - i.e. this reference cannot be used more than once. An incremental digit or a timestamp usually works well.

The request's Unique Reference and your API Private Key are combined and hashed (using MD5) into a 'Validation Key' and included in your request XML. We use this key to make sure that only you can make API calls to your account. Even if your request is intercepted it cannot be repeated as the 'request reference' will not be unique.

How do I start using the API?

Get in touch and we'll email you the full API specification to help get you started.